Commitments and Testimonials

SupportFor years, 4-State Maintenance has placed its customers as top priority, and for a legitimate reason: our employees, holding any and all positions in the company, are an integral part of our sales support staff.  Ultimately, each job responsibility, whether you are creating a sales pitch or delivering the products on our daily routes, is set into motion to satisfy our customers and clients.

What does service mean to you?  Truthfully, it means as much to you as it means to us.  Professional, systematic service assists in molding us as a reputable, trustworthy company, and two methods to establish that identity are by using client testimonials and publishing our biggest commitments.

Below, you will find a collection of such material that not only gives us the motivation to continue to seek similar approval from our large customer base, but to also take pride in the service we have provided to our clients — our friends — over the last 29 years.

Spring 2014 – USD 305 Salina Public Schools signs a five-year commitment to 4-State Maintenance, for janitorial supplies, training, programs, consultation, and other services. One of the larger school districts in the state of Kansas, Salina hosts eight elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative school.

Letter of Recommendation – USD 501 Topeka

Letter of Recommendation – USD 257 Iola

Letter of Recommendation – USD 253 Emporia

Letter of Recommendation – Neosho Schools

Letter of Recommendation – Spencer Management

Customer Testimonial – Martin & Sharon McCallie