Service DepartmentWelcome to the 4-State Maintenance Supply service department, where we believe in ‚Äúservicing what we sell”. We also service all brands of equipment. We are factory authorized to service all equipment we lease or sell, as well as a list of machinery we may not have available at the time.

Whether you need a machine to rent or purchase, we have the right service program that is made to fit your needs. We also have planned service agreements to help develop a preventative maintenance plan for our customers’ equipment. If it needs to be repaired at our customers location, or picked up on our trucks, give us a call to find the right PM contract for you.

Listed below, you’ll find a table of our machines. Each contains a small thumbnail of that particular machine, the machine’s manufacturer, its name (which sometimes resembles a description), the part number, and both a daily and weekly usage price.

For more information on our machines or parts, or support for our rentals or purchased products, you can call our toll-free number 1-800-497-5707, asking for Derek Frost or Cody Deringer.