Our Suppliers

For years, 4-State has worked extremely hard to provide our clients and customers with not only effective and cost-efficient products, but also those that will come in AND go out the door in a timely manner. We are proud of our ability to accomplish a 96% fill rate over the last year, but it takes reliable suppliers to ship our products to us, assist us in discovering and testing new products, and to arrange great pricing that allows us to help you reduce your overall cost and, ultimately, clean your facilities without having to worry about exceeding your budget or minimizing your cleaning efforts.

Below is our list of suppliers, in alphabetical order.

Commercial Care
Air Spencer
Restroom Products
Floor Pads and Accessories
The Andersen Company
Floor Matting
ArcMate Manufacturing
Industrial Products
Athea Industries
Private Label Products
Big D Industries, Inc.
Innovative Equipment Solutions
Bio-Systems International
Live Bacteria Cultures
Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.
Washroom Products
California Scents
Air Fresheners
Cam Spray
Cleaning Equipment
Carlisle FoodService Products
Sanitary Maintenance Products
Chase Products Co.
Aerosol Products
Claire Manufacturing Company
Aerosol Products
Continental Manufacturing
Sanitary Products/Receptacles
Cordova Glove
Safety Products
Core Products Company, Inc.
Green Cleaning Solutions
Creative Products International
Innovative Microfiber Technology
Damar Worldwide, Inc.
Quality Light Bulbs
Dema Engineering Company
Fluid Dispensing Products
Ebac Industrial Products, Inc.
Janitorial, Food Service, Paper
Cleaning Supplies
Ex-Cell Kaiser, LLC.
Material Handling, Storage
Expanded Technologies
Floor and Surface Protectors
Finney Company
Educational Materials
Industrial Hoses and Ducting
Fresh Products
Odor Control & Air Freshening
Fusion Coatings
Furniture Coatings
Floor Cleaning
Global Partitions
Gordon Bush Wisconsin, LLC.
Hospital Specialty Company
Personal Care Products
Impact Products, Inc.
Cleaning Supplies
IPC Eagle
Cleaning Equipment
J+J Flooring Group
Commercial Flooring
Filtration for Commercial Cleaning
Wiping Materials
Kutol Products Company
Commercial Skin Care Products
L&M Construction Chemicals
Construction Solutions
Water Conservation
Ludlow Composites Corporation
Industrial Matting
Mats, Inc.
Flooring Products
NPS Corp.
Paper Products
Nilodor, Inc.
Commercial & Janitorial
Nittany Paper Company
Paper Products
NSS Enterprises, Inc.
Floor Care Equipment
O’Dell Corporation
Cleaning Products
Partition Systems International
Partition Systems
PDQ Manufacturing, Inc.
Cleaning Solutions
Queenaire Technologies
Ozone Specialists
R&B Wire Products
Wire Products
R.C.A. Rubber Company
Premium Grade Flooring
Reading Consumer Products
Floor Cleaning Products
Republic Bag
Premium Quality Liners
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Commercial Products
Safco Products Company
Business Solutions and Services
The Safety Zone
Personal Equipment & Supplies
Solaris Paper Company
Paper Products
Commercial Flooring
Thrift Marketing, Inc.
Drain Cleaning Solutions
Tolco Corporation
Cleaning Supplies
Tomcat Equipment
Commercial Floor Equipment
Triple S
Sanitary Solutions
Unger Global
Cleaning Solutions
U.S. Products
Floor Care Products
XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp.
Ice Melting and Absorbents
Zenex International
Aerosols and Industrial Soap