Windsor/Karcher Closeout Sale

Due to the termination of our decade-long affiliation with Windsor/Karcher, and our newly-developed relationship with Tomcat Equipment, we are having a closeout sale on the remaining Windsor/Karcher inventory we have in our warehouse. Below, you will find pictures, a short description, and a price for each machine we have available for the sale.

Please give us a call at 1-800-497-5707, or email support (, for additional information.

B 60 W BP Floor Scrubber Bolt 20″ Floor Machine CVU30/1 12″ HEPA Vacuum
Standardized operation panel, home base concept, improved brush head suspension, low noise vacuum motor, improved brush head pedal for easier lifting/lowering of the brush head, ergonomic positioned squeegee lever, onboard charger, integrated maintenance interval indicator and the KIK system allows managers and service technicians access to functions that operators do not need. The operator simply inserts the key and starts cleaning, everything is preset no adjustments needed, saving time, money and aggravation.

Slim line design. Choice of 22″ or 26″ roller brush with integrated presweep or 22″ or 26″ disc head.
Solution tank: 15.9 gal.; Recovery tank: 15.9 gal.
Noise level: 65.6 dB (A); Weight: 660 lbs.
Squeegee assm.: 35″ or 38.5″
50.9″ L x 24″ W x 45.2″ H

Single and dual speed floor machines. Providing power and versatility for buffing and polishing or scrubbing and stripping. Robust motor for everyday reliability. Separate start and run capacitors for durability. Mechanical safety interlock to prevent accidental startups. Cord strain relief to keep cord from breaking or tearing. Strong and solid handle housing for trouble free operation. Fully adjustable handle height.

175 rpm, 1.5 hp w/pad driver; 115V, 60 Hz
5″ non-marking wheels
Built-in circuit breaker to protect motor

These lightweight and quiet vacuums are built for the rigors of retail, hospitals and building services management. Tool-free power cord change. All electronics located in the base of unit, eliminating wear on swivels and connectors, improving reliability and serviceability. Integrated HEPA-level filter for better user protection against airborne particulates. Dual-stage filtration provides cleaner air to the filter, extending the life up to 200-300 hours. Triple layer top-loading bag.

The most durable single-motor upright vacuum in its class. A single motor to power the suction and roller brush and provide HEPA final stage filtration.

Air flow rate: 105 CFM; Vacuum CFM: 90; Power: 1230W
Capacity: 1.4 Gal.; Brush motor: 1.6 HP
Brush speed: 2700 RPM; Power cord: 25′


HD 2.3/15 C Ed Pressure Washer NuWave 26″ Wide Area Vacuum SG2 C Bp Gum Remover
Easy press trigger gun with soft grip for greater comfort. Automatic pressure cut-off for reduced energy and water consumption. Switches off immediately when work is interrupted. Pump is protected by a pressure switch and overflow valve. Built-in motor protection against voltage fluctuations and excessive temperatures. Patented motor/pump unit is integrated in a single housing, ensuring extra-efficient energy transfer.

Pressure-controlled automatic shutdown system stops the motor and pump completely when the trigger gun is released, extending the life of key components. Triple nozzle can be adjusted for 0° pencil jet, 25° fan spray, or 40° low-pressure chemical application. Exclusive 33′ flexible anti-kink hose with integrated connection swivels inside the gun under full pressure to avoid tangles. Machines feature ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) for operator safety. Stainless steel spray lance rotates 360° under pressure. Light-weight upright construction with adjustable pull-out handle for ease of storage.

Dual, counter-rotating brushes agitate, lift and clean both sides of the carpet nap, removing 50% more soil on one pass. Multiple position soft grip handle is ergonomically designed to reduce skeletal and muscular strain on the operator. Floating brush deck maintains constant contact with carpet surface and requires no operator adjustment.

Two proprietary designed 1.1 hp vacuum motors deliver higher air flow for deep carpet cleaning. Extra large 10″ non-marking rear wheels and two large 3″ front casters deliver superior maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue. Easy-to-access accessory tool suction port. No-slip cord wrap design. Handle folds flat for compact storage. Easy bag removal, and 98% filtration bag improves air quality.

Brush motor: .5 hp
Vacuum motor: 2 x 1.1 hp; Water lift: 63″
Air flow rate: 224 cfm

The innovative solution that vaporizes gum with heat. Safe to use on stone, concrete and even carpet. Long-life lithium battery for up to 8 hours. Biodegradable vegetable extract heats up debonding agents dissolving gum without residue or mess. Low pressure fuel canisters are designed to ensure the delivery of proper fuel volume and safe operation Great for maintaining shopping malls, schools, train stations, airports, and supermarkets.

8″ x 16.5″ x 11″; Weighs 14 lbs.
No cords or water required

NEW IN BOX FOR $990 NEW FOR $2,167 NEW FOR $1,700