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Covid Defense Cleaners

Covid19 Defense Cleaners

Our Mike Hayes walks you through the products we have here at 4-State to help keep your facility and homes clean! View our Covid19 defense products here >>> https://catalog.4statemaintenance.com/default.aspx

Posted by 4-State Maintenance Supply on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The current threat of coronavirus is causing more of our customers to question their cleaning and disinfecting practices. Let’s review a few products that will help you insure you are totally disinfecting all surfaces. This is a vital part of maintaining any public area at all times- not just during a global pandemic!

First, we want to address a couple of things:

  • No product can say that they can 100% for sure kill the coronavirus— it hasn’t been around long enough to be fully tested.
  • The EPA is advising us to use products that kill similar viruses, here are a few of our favorite products.
    1. Electrostatic Sprayer
    2. Pump Up Sprayer
    3. Vital Oxide
    4. Spray and go disinfectant
    5. Total solution tablets

Fill your pump-up sprayer with any EPA regulated disinfectant. The sprayer allows the disinfectant to be evenly spread across any surface. Wait the appropriate amount of time, and then wipe down the surface with a clean cloth or rag.

The electrostatic sprayer allows disinfectants to bind to surfaces, almost like a magnet. This ensures every inch of a surface will be covered with the disinfectant. You will want to stand about 16-18 inches away from your surface, then spray.

If you have any questions about sprayers or disinfectants, give us a call!