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New Product! DRiGEN

UVC LightForce: Ultraviolet Sanitizing Machine



Ultraviolet Sanitizing Machine Model A

The UVC LightForce is a mobile, self-contained germicidal cleaning device that uses proven ultraviolet emitting radiation technology to help reduce and eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogens on environmental surfaces. The UVC LightForce is the most economic and affordable industrial full-sized unit on the market. Sanitize your complete facility with multiple units that are Made in the USA and approved by the FDA.


• Eight (8) 16,000 hour useful life high output lamps positioned octagonally for 360 degree output

• Built-in timer allows for safe operation of the unit

• Activate the unit from the outside the sanitizing room with provided remote and smart switch

• Effective in eliminating 99.9% of pathogens on environmental surfaces
• Made in the USA and FDA approved




The Pacific UVC LightForce delivers a powerful UV-C dosage that is 99.9% effective to kill/inactivate pathogens on surfaces. This affordable and low maintenance solution is easy to transport with a quiet cycle of operation.


• Healthcare                                               • Patient rooms
• Bio-Pharma                                             • Bathroom & restrooms
• Classrooms                                              • Operating rooms
• Sport Entertainment                             • Intensive care units
• Fitness                                                      • Oncology units
• Industrial                                                 • Emergency rooms
• Doctor & Dental Offices                        • University and School Districts



Please contact your sales representative, or call our office at 1-800-497-5707, for more information!

You can also email us at: support@4statemaintenance.com



Covid Defense Cleaners

Covid19 Defense Cleaners

Our Mike Hayes walks you through the products we have here at 4-State to help keep your facility and homes clean! View our Covid19 defense products here >>> https://catalog.4statemaintenance.com/default.aspx

Posted by 4-State Maintenance Supply on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The current threat of coronavirus is causing more of our customers to question their cleaning and disinfecting practices. Let’s review a few products that will help you insure you are totally disinfecting all surfaces. This is a vital part of maintaining any public area at all times- not just during a global pandemic!

First, we want to address a couple of things:

  • No product can say that they can 100% for sure kill the coronavirus— it hasn’t been around long enough to be fully tested.
  • The EPA is advising us to use products that kill similar viruses, here are a few of our favorite products.
    1. Electrostatic Sprayer
    2. Pump Up Sprayer
    3. Vital Oxide
    4. Spray and go disinfectant
    5. Total solution tablets

Fill your pump-up sprayer with any EPA regulated disinfectant. The sprayer allows the disinfectant to be evenly spread across any surface. Wait the appropriate amount of time, and then wipe down the surface with a clean cloth or rag.

The electrostatic sprayer allows disinfectants to bind to surfaces, almost like a magnet. This ensures every inch of a surface will be covered with the disinfectant. You will want to stand about 16-18 inches away from your surface, then spray.

If you have any questions about sprayers or disinfectants, give us a call!

Tomcat’s ZerO3 Cleaning

ZerO3 chemical-free cleaning is a powerful cleaning solution utilized by Tomcat. The use of Aqueous Ozone as an effective and safe oxidizer of organic matter spans over 100 years, and used in water treatment plants around the world. Similar to how bleach oxidizes, Ozone’s (O3) third radical atom makes it an extremely powerful cleaning agent. There is no danger of chemical spill. Employee health is protected through its operator friendly, non-caustic, non-toxic, and antimicrobial properties.

Ozonated water is created by oxygenating water and exposing it to an electrical charge. This causes oxygen molecules to bond and create Ozone. Water with Ozone bubbles suspended in it has been proven to be a great cleaner and a powerful disinfectant. With a short 30 second dwell time, it has been proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria, such as E.coli, Staph, Salmonella, and dozens of others. It also leaves a fresh scent similar to the one you notice after a thunderstorm. Lightening in a thunderstorm causes the same process to occur.

See below for a short video demonstration on how Tomcat has implemented the ZerO3 cleaning solution into their line of equipment.